The BitCoin you invested will make money as soon as your deposit is confirmed. We don't have plans or packages. Our investment schema is very flexible. We don't have maximum limit on the investment amount. The higher the investment, the more profit you get - simple as that.

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Active Stocks : 3,859.8154
Registered Members : 1,558,599
Days Public : 137 days
Exchange Rate : US$ 8,167.83

Who can invest?

Investment offer of Euro Stock Miner is open to all comers regardless of age and nationality. We are introducing cryptocurrency investment opportunity to people from all walks of life.

How much can I invest?

You can invest any amount you want as long as it's more than BTC 0.00250 ( US$ 20.40 ). You can make multiple deposits at different amounts simultaneously. Each deposit will have its own terms of accrual according to amount, as well as its own time.

If you want to convert Bitcoin in your local currency, use the handy online converter at

How long can my investment earn?

Investment terms of Euro Stock Miner involve working 24/7, which means that you earnings are potentially endless.